Square Pavers

A simple and popular paving solution, the Square paver is an economical paving range with a wide variety of applications. With a good resistance to load. Easy to pack and ship, the Square shape offers great fexibility in design as they can be used in combination with other paver shapes such as Ladana, Hexagonal and Rectangular to create a variety of interesting patterns

Square pavers are commonly used for:

  • walkways and pathways that witness heavy pedestrian and light motor traffic.
Square Paver
Dimensions(mm) Compressive Strength(N/mm2) Weight(kg/no)
300 x 300 x 60 > 35 12.5
200 x 200 x 60/80 > 35 5.25 / 7
150 x 150 x 60 > 35 3

NOTE: The actual color and texture may vary, hence, these are best judged when viewing the actual product.