Fly Ash Bricks

These concrete blocks are sturdy in build and are extremely appreciated in the markets due to their environment friendly nature and manufactured from natural raw materials. These are not only resistant to fire but do not emit any toxic gas when exposed to fire. Available in even sizes these help in creating even and polished walls with minimum plastering.

Recycled content low density, High compressive strength load and load bearing bricks.

  • Higher Construction Efficiency.
  • With 24-40 % bigger sizes reduced Joinery Costs.
  • Dimensional Accuracy and Even Surface.
  • Reduces Plastering.
  • Higher Project Efficiency.
  • Best in Class Compression Strength and Water Absorption.
  • Qualify for IGBC and GRIHA credits based on use of Recycled Content.
  • No Under Delivery and Wastage on Delivery.
  Bricks Specification
Flyash Bricks
Dimensions(mm) Size Average gross weight(kg) Average gross density(kg /mm2) Compressive Strength(N/mm2) Water absorption
230 x 115 x 80 4.5" 2.75 1250 - 1350 >7.5 <20% by mass
230 x 115 x 90 4.5" 3.1 1250 - 1350 >7.5 <20% by mass

NOTE: The actual color and texture may vary, hence, these are best judged when viewing the actual product.