Saucer Cover

A saucer drain is a type of drainage system particularly used in roadsides, sidewalks, or other paved surfaces. It consists of a saucer-shaped basin or trap installed at ground level to collect surface water runoff and direct it into an underground drainage network or sewer system.


  • Grating or Cover: The saucer-shaped basin is covered with a grating or cover to prevent debris, leaves, and other objects from entering the drainage system while allowing water to flow freely into the basin.
  • Prevention of Waterlogging: Saucer drains play a crucial role in preventing waterlogging and ponding on paved surfaces, which can create hazardous conditions for pedestrians and drivers.
Saucer Cover
Dimensions(mm) Compressive Strength(N/mm2) Weight(kg/no)
600x300x100/70 >20 42
300x300x100/70 >20 21